VHDL Editors

I’ve seen many sites with queries on VHDL Editors. I’ll list a few of them here. These are NOT IDE’s.

  • Notepad++ with VHDL plugin - Works amazingly well on Windows. Its a very lightweight program. Pros : fullscreen option, code folding, good color schemes Cons: no in-built VHDL templates 
  • gVIM & Emacs if you swear by UNIX 
  • Sigasi HDT - Eclipse based environment 
  • ScriptumHDL 

You will still need a simulator to view the outputs & a synthesis/implementation/bitstream generation tool for FPGA implementation.

Xilinx & Altera offer a pretty decent design environment. You can integrate these editors with your FPGA design software. Let me know if you’ve worked on a better editor. 

Integration with ISE : Go to Edit —> Preferences —> ISE General —> Editors 

Select custom editor & add {C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe} $1

Here’s a snapshot of Notepad++ 

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